Local Farms & Vendors

We choose the highest quality, intentionally driven, local farms and vendors that bring vibrant foods from their fields and goods from their hands to your home and table.

All Good
Morro Bay, CA
All Good is a mission-first, nature-based healing company offering a premium range of ethically-made body care products. Adhering its business objectives to a triple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit -- the brand and B-Corporation serves as a positive force in the marketplace innovating the purest products and best business practices that are good for people and good for the earth.
Bliss Cafe
San Luis Obispo, CA
Bliss Products are a unique lineup of local, organic and plant-based food offerings developed by the very same founders of Bliss Cafe in SLO. We have transformed our classic restaurant flavors into accessible marketplace products. Both Bliss restaurant and Bliss Products value and honor the prana - life force energy - in our offerings. We call our products 'Prana Filled Food' because they are sourced locally, made fresh, and consumed before they can sit on the shelf too long - you won't find any other prana like it!
Blosser Urban Garden
Santa Maria, CA
Blosser Urban Garden is a small-scale organic farm and CSA based out of Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo. We specialize in strawberries, lettuces, carrots and other row crops the region is known for, as well as seasonal specialties like tomatoes, beans, peas and squashes. Our mission is to expand access to healthy, organic foods through our CSA program and local wholesale partnerships and to promote local, sustainable food systems.
Bread Bike
San Luis Obispo, CA
Bread Bike is an organic bakery specializing in naturally leavened bread and California-style pastries. Our mission is to cultivate, educate, and inspire an inclusive community that cares about their food, farmers, planet, and each other. We will do this by fostering a mindful and active community, connected through kindness, that supports a thriving and regenerative local food economy.
Cattaneo Bros.
San Luis Obispo, CA
As the mother of two active twin boys, I don’t always have time to prepare healthy, made-from-scratch snacks and meals all the time. And I know I’m not alone.  I know that we often rely on quick, convenient snacks to keep us fueled through the day. When I became CEO of Cattaneo Bros., what I knew was that we had been making an amazing product for 75 years. I wanted to respect our traditions of handcrafted goods made from simple, clean ingredients that my boys and I can feel good snacking on.
Etto Pastifico
Paso Robles, CA
Not all pasta is created equal. Pasta is simple and unpretentious. Yet it is also complex, nutritious, and distinct. It is amazing how something so simple can be incredibly diverse, endlessly creative, and good for you. Craft pasta like the best ones made in Italy are rare and delicious in texture, aroma and flavor.  Etto brings the best of pasta to California using the best American ingredients and the best Italian craft pasta equipment, technique and style.  
Joebella Coffee Roasters
Atascadero, CA
Joebella Coffee Roasters is committed: To create enthusiastically satisfied customers by providing excellence in quality of product, atmosphere, and cleanliness, pleasant acknowledgement of every customer and prompt service. To ensure profitability for our business and the businesses we partner with, as is necessary for continued growth and success. To offer all patrons a total “quality without compromise” To provide our employees with proper training, a pleasant and fair work environment, and the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. To have a working knowledge of coffee, and Organic Certification and, especially, the coffees we offer and brewing styles to engage and inform interested customers.
Karuna Creations
San Luis Obispo, CA
Kelli Cymraes Lincoln is an artist who has specialized in fiber arts for over twenty years, but has recently also begun water coloring and creating mixed media.  She is influenced by folktales, ancient myths and Goddess stories, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and the beautiful central coast of California. She especially enjoys combining these elements into magical, light-filled, and inspiring portrayals of the world around us.
San Luis Obispo, CA
Kelpful is a small worker owned cooperative run by women with a dream of farming seaweed. Currently, we are sustainably wild harvesting by hand, drying it in the sun, and offering it to people like you. We hope you relish the experience of eating this seaweed as much as we do. It tastes like the deep, clean ocean it came from - that we all came from! Your blood is the same salinity as the sea, the source of life on Earth. That’s why our bodies scream “YES!” when we eat seaweed!
Mighty Cap Mushrooms
Paso Robles, CA
We grow high end artisanal gourmet mushrooms for the Central Coast of California. Using Organic ways like nature intended.
Scoop the Magic
Paso Robles, CA
Hello, I’m Uli and I’m the Owner of Scoop the Magic! My five-year-old daughter is a huge fan of ice cream - yes, she may even request it for breakfast! When I couldn’t find dairy-free ice cream with clean ingredients in the stores, I decided to make my own. I’ve always had a deep LOVE for creating food, especially for my friends and family. Now my friends and family circle is expanding and YOU can enjoy my dairy-free MAGIC, too!
Sierra Honey Farm
Paso Robles, CA
I moved back to California 15 years ago from Chicago to work on the family bee farm. I then worked side by side with my grandfather (the first-generation Beekeeper, Howard Bradshaw, and Uncle, David Bradshaw (second generation). I worked closely with the family for a number of years until relations grew and new customers gave me the opportunity to start my own company.  That’s when Sierra Honey Farm began. My whole focus is to run a manageable number of hives and focus on an exceptional product that’s straight from the hive to the jar. Each year when the nectar starts flowing, I use special honey boxes that are only used for honey to collect the pure gold from the central coast hills. My process is slower than other operations to ensure the quality of the honey is not jeopardized.  No heat, steam, or separators are used in the extraction process.
Stepping Stones
Cambria, CA
Since 1989, Stepping Stones has provided organizations, schools, cooperatives, and stores with the highest quality 100% cotton and organic cotton shopping bags. SteppingStones manufacturers and directly distributes the EcoSac line. We have been part of the renewable, sustainable movement since well before it was “in.” Today, while plastic bags are phased out in stores, cities, and counties, SteppingStones offers a durable, truly green alternative for consumers.
Whalebird Kombucha
San Luis Obispo, CA
Our mission is to make the best-tasting kombucha with organic and ethically sourced ingredients and set a new standard for how emerging companies can prioritize global health over profit. We are exploring methods to advance the health and wellness of our team, community, and environment.

(left to right: Jake Pritzlaff (CFO), Lee Wilkerson (Builder Man), Mike Durighello (CEO). Photo credit @rubywallau)

Veritable Vegetable

Veritable Vegetable is an organic produce distributor based in San Francisco that supplies us with the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables on the market. While we can directly source some produce from Organic SLO County farms, our partnership with Veritable keeps our shelves full of fresh organic produce that is often grown on a farm in our county but is not be able to deliver to our store while also allowing us to extend our reach a bit further to support farmers who are leading the way in regenerative agriculture. Veritable provides a valuable infrastructure link between stores and independent organic family farms who need a bigger market to sustain their operations and thus grow a healthier, more just and sustainable California food system.

Here are a few of our favorite farms we are able to access through Veritable:

AV Thomas
Founded by Portugal immigrant Antonio Vieira Tomas in 1920, A.V. Thomas Produce is a premier grower of sweet potatoes. The soil in Livingston is ideal for growing sweet potatoes, the area comprising 90% of California’s sweet potato production. Starting with a small plot in 1988, A.V. Thomas is now the largest grower of Organic Sweet Potatoes in the United States.
Capay Organic
Our Capay Organic farm was started in 1976 on 20 acres of star thistle and a dream. Inspired by the idea of farming organically and sustainably, our parents Kathy Barsotti and Martin Barnes started the tradition that we carry on today. Together, with our family of employees, we are proud to practice the highest levels of food safety and accountability in our growing, packing and shipping operations. We are family-owned and operated and raising a 3rd generation to continue as stewards of the land.
Cuyama Orchards
Cuyama Orchards committed to organic farming practices over 20 years ago to benefit our workforce, our customers, and our own families, as well as the native plants and animals that live and thrive in and around our orchards.
Durst Organic Growers
It is the mission of Durst Organic Growers to produce and distribute fresh, organic produce, while serving as an educational, sustainable, and social network for our surrounding community. It is our goal to provide quality of life for the farmer, and sustain economic viability for the farm with care and respect for nature’s diversity.
Ferrari Farms
Ferrari Farms is a 500-acre, family owned and operated farm, specializing in simply the finest, certified organically grown fruits and nuts. We are located in the heart of California in the San Joaquin Valley with rich, deep soils, where warm days are cooled by evening delta breezes. Our commitment to organic farming runs deep. We have been growing crops organically for nearly 40 years now, and we have been certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) since 1982. We were one of the early pioneers in the organic industry, growing produce organically long before it became fashionable. For us, it’s not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.
Lakeside Organic Gardens
Lakeside Organic Gardens takes pride in growing a wide offering of organic produce on family-owned and operated farms in California. Dick Peixoto, the owner, personally walks his fields daily to guarantee our 50+organic vegetables are held to the highest quality and food safety standards. Unlike many conventional growers who adopt organic farming as a sideline, Lakeside Organic Gardens is 100% organic, 365 days a year. When posed with a challenge in the field, we don’t have the same tools as conventional farmers. We choose to work with Mother Nature to aid us in our troubles.
Monterey Mushrooms
From our growing operations and environmental impact, to our product development and the direction of our company itself, Monterey Mushrooms® is committed to sustainability on every level. At the end of every day, our goal is to be good people that grow good food. And that doesn’t happen by accident. Every decision we make promotes the long-term sustainability of our environment, our culture, our company, our values, our people and the people we feed.
Peri & Sons Farms
With deep farming roots that took hold over 100 years ago, four generations later, our family is still doing what we love- sustainably and safely growing, packing and shipping premium and organic onions for families.
Rundle Family Farms
Rundle Family Farms is a family owned and operated, certified organic farm located in Fresno, California. We love what we do and it shows in the quality of our foods. Our goal in farming is to produce quality food that is nutritious, organic, environmentally safe and tastes great.
Sea to Sky Farm
Sea to Sky Farm is a CCOF certified organic operation, located in northern Santa Cruz County. Two ranches comprise Sea to SkyFarm:  1) 24 acres located 10 minutes from the ocean at 1600’ in elevation, surrounded by coastal redwoods with natural springs, and sites of Native American historical significance in the mountain community of Bonny Doon, aka The "Sky" Farm.  This location gets all the heat (and cold extremes)! 2) 19 acres comprise the "Sea" Farm aka Rancho del Oso, located north of the coastal community of Davenport, nestled among Big Basin Redwoods State Park in a luscious agricultural valley along Waddell Creek known as a healing valley. This location is a cooler growing climate, with a stronger coastal influence than Bonny Doon.
Something Good Organics
We are a local, small business supporting John Givens Farm with weekly shares of freshly picked, 100% organic produce at amazing prices. We encourage you to connect with the food grown right in your community, and our farm has served the Santa Barbara area for 30 years. Nothing could be healthier or more delicious than local veggies and fruits grown only a few miles from your doorstep.
Sunrise Organic Farm
Nestled in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills, Sunrise Organic Farms produces some of the highest quality organic produce in California. In 2015, head farmers, Jesus, Andrew, and Chuy decided to take their combined 52 years of organic growing experience and launch Sunrise Organic Farm. Starting with a small 12-acre parcel in Carpinteria, Sunrise has expanded to 7 different locations, consisting of more than 200 acres across beautiful Santa Barbara County.  Throughout the year we grow over 215 varieties of seasonal crop row vegetables, ranging from carrots, kales and herbs to peppers, tomatoes and strawberries.
Tomatero Organic Farm
Tomatero Farm is located in the Pajaro Valley, just south of Santa Cruz and 5 miles inland of the California coast. Our farm has been CCOF certified organic from the start in 2004.
Veliz Organic Farm
Veliz Organic Farm is a 13 acre mixed vegetable family-owned and operated organic farm located in Hollister, California. We are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and only grow and sell certified organic produce and vegetables.
Wild River
The Wild River name was inspired by our farm’s location alongside the Yuba River which surges out of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains into the fertile Sacramento Valley in Northern California. For more than a century, gold miners, politicians and large-scale, conventional farmers tried to tame the 10-year flood cycle of the river’s south fork. Our family took a different approach. Led by our patriarch, Gordon Noland, we progressively changed our agricultural practices to adapt to the nuances and rhythm of the river.  As a result, Wild River’s orchards and vineyards thrive, naturally nourished by the highly fertile, nutrient-rich topsoil deposited by the river’s overflow.
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